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Is ‘agile’ working for you? If the answer is: ‘not quite in the way we hoped’, if you are not seeing the benefits you expected –  faster pace of software delivery, improved flexibility, lower project costs – Esuasive can help.

Agile check up incorporates a broad assessment of your progress in adopting agile practices. We take a holistic approach: agile is not simply about the process of software development, it goes much deeper. Alongside the techniques and tools of agile, we also look closely at the ‘people’ aspect: have your teams developed an agile mindset, are they engaged with agile in a way that allows benefits to be realized, and (as is often the case) are legacy practices acting as a brake on progress.

We bring breadth of experience and deep expertise to the assessment, and we aim to keep it short and sharp. With the support of your internal team, we are usually able to complete the assessment, including recommendations, in one week elapsed. This is not a programmatic exercise, but we normally break down the assessment into three basic steps:

Three step agile check up

1. Listen

We spend most of day one listening. Our aim is understand how you see things, where you think the problems lie. We want to hear from your project managers, analysts and developers within the IT team, but also from your counterparts within the business.

By the end of the day we will have gained a broad understanding of what is working for you, and what is not, and we will have picked up on many of the specific issues which preventing you from realizing all of the benefits of agile.

2. Evaluate

By day two we will be getting into more detailed discussions, comparing experiences and exchanging ideas with key members of your team to identify not just what the obstacles are, but why they impeding agile best practice and what the options are to address the issues.

In part, we act as sounding board, to help you reach your own understanding of how best to move forward, but we will not shy away from using our experience to highlight what we see as the key issues.

3. Respond

By day five, or soon afterwards, we will be ready to summarize findings and outline recommendations. This is typically a ‘round the table’ discussion rather than a presentation, often led by members of your team.

We will close off the check up by setting out agreed actions in the form of a constructive ‘road map’ for agile improvement. And if you wish, we will continue to work with you in whatever way is appropriate to ensure follow through.

Agile check up is framework-agnostic. It is not about whether you are compliant with a particular agile ‘methodology’. Our aim is to help you identify the barriers to real, transformational change and set you on course to overcome those obstacles, to realize all of the benefits that agile can bring.

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