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Agile Coaching

Guidance and hands-on support from someone who has done it before and can make a real difference when it comes to transitioning to a more agile way of working.

Our consultants have been actively applying agile methods for more than ten years. We have some of the most experienced agile experts around; consultants with solid hands-on experience, a pragmatic outlook and effective coaching skills. Their aim is to help you understand and work out how to overcome the specific challenges you face in your own organization.

Coaching means different things to different people. We do not presume we know what you need (although we do see the same issues cropping up repeatedly). We align how we work with you in the context of your own unique situation. We can play an active, evangelizing role; act as ‘wise counsel’, supporting your internal project managers and project teams as they develop best practice behaviours; or accelerate your early projects by ‘seeding’ your team with an experienced project manager, or software designer, or developer, to ensure the success of your first project.

Esuasive worked in a warm, friendly, open and constructive way that took into account the people and business processes at Chambers and Partners, instead of preaching best practice from the Agile bible. The specifically tailored recommendations are working very well with the business and IT staff are happy with the results so far.
Robert Howe, IT Manager, Chambers and Partners
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Agile coaching

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