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Agile is not suitable for every organization but it can offer real benefits to those willing to embrace a more flexible approach. If you are at the stage of wanting to take a first look at agile or undertake a pilot agile project, Esuasive can help.

Agile places emphasis on evolving and adapting. However, many organizations find it difficult to get started on their first project for want of experience or because it is unfamiliar territory. Esuasive’s Project Launch focuses on getting you up and running, and productive, on your first agile project.

Project Launch incorporates the following steps:

We work with you to define, and refine, you goals: what do you hope to achieve by taking a more agile approach, what outcomes do you expect. We also encourage you to recognize the obstacles to agile – corporate governance requirements, budgeting processes, project authorization processes, procurement methods, etc.  – and decide whether and how these might be overcome or whether they represent constraints. Agile is all about making choices.
There are many ‘flavours’ of agile, from the prescriptive, such as DSDM, to the more fluid, such as Scrum. Which is right for you depends not just on where you want to be on the agile continuum but on the constraints that govern just how agile you can be. We outline the pros and cons of each flavour of agile to help you make an informed choice.
Agile emphasizes collaboration and openness. This can be more difficult for some than for others. It can be easy to develop a defensive mentality, unwilling to give estimates for fear of being flagged as ‘late’, or reluctant to release code for fear of being blamed if bugs are found. These attitudes are understandable in a waterfall-style development team or on fixed price projects but will hold back an agile team. We engage with your team to understand their backgrounds and concerns as a basis for developing a plan to encourage agile behaviours.
We help you develop a roadmap describing the transition to agile, and communicate your goals to the project team and to other stakeholders. The aim is to instill belief in and build confidence that an agile approach will work.
We build a training programme around the needs of your team to ensure each person has the understanding and skills required to perform their role on the project.
First-time agile teams seldom lack the desire to succeed, but confidence to let go of existing habits can be an issue. We get teams started by making sure agile principles are translated into effective practices. Our objective is to help your team become self-sufficient and self-improving as quickly as possible. We do this through a combination of coaching and ongoing support, and if you do not have the resources needed to deliver your first project, we can assign one or two consultants for an agreed period, to bolster the team and lead by example.
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Agile Project Launch

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