Inevitably, requirements expand and evolve as a project progresses. Some suppliers equate ‘change’ with ‘risk’ and seek to risk manage their exposure via a restrictive change control process. The consequences are predictable: a deteriorating customer-supplier relationship, project cost overruns   and late delivery.

Forcing users through a requirements process which offers only one chance to get it right can be counter-productive. Imposing high tariffs on changes makes things worse, and can be frustrating for users who just want to make sure they get the system they need.

To prevent this, we take a more flexible agile approach. We engage directly with business stakeholders to deliver fit-for-purpose business solutions incrementally, and at pace. As requirements evolve or as business priorities change, we respond quickly and positively. And where timeline or budget is fixed, we help manage scope to allow a workable solution to be delivered without additional cost being incurred.