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BI in the Cloud: Power BI

The Microsoft Power BI cloud service provides a complete self-service analytics solution. Power BI enables everyone in your organisation to collect, analyse, visualise and publish data and share insight. Power BI provides a 360 degree view for decision makers and business users of the most important metrics and data, in one place, in real time.

You can combine data from disparate databases, files, and web services as well as over 50 connections to business applications. With visual tools to help you understand and fix data quality and formatting issues automatically. With over 20 built-in visuals plus the ability to customise visualisations, you can create stunning reports that communicate your message effectively and share them across your organisation.

Power BI can unify all of your organisation’s data, whether it is in the cloud or on premise using the Power BI gateways.  You can connect SQL Server databases, Analysis Services models, and many other data sources to your same dashboards in Power BI. The gateways provide the flexibility you need to meet the needs of individuals and your organisation.

Power BI Key Features

View all your data through a single dashboard. Live Power BI dashboards show visualisations and KPIs from data that resides both on-premises and in the cloud. This provides a consolidated view across your business regardless of where the data lives.
With the Power BI connector for Analysis Services you can create a secure connection to SQL Server Analysis Services. When viewing and exploring dashboards and reports, the system will interactively query the on-premises cube to fetch the data. With this hybrid solution, you can continue to manage and secure data on-premises, if you’re hesitant to have data in the cloud. Power BI can also connect to a wide variety of other on-premises data sources and set a schedule for updating the data in reports and dashboards.
To simplify how you interact with your data, natural language query is built into the Power BI dashboard, allowing users to type questions and receive answers from data in the form of interactive visualisations. Explore your data further by drilling through the dashboard into the underlying reports, discovering new insights that can be pinned back to the dashboard to monitor performance going forward.
There are pre-built solutions for popular services as part of the Power BI experience to make it easier for users to visualise and analyse data. A subscriber to a supported service can quickly connect to their account from Power BI and see their data through live dashboards and interactive reports that have been pre-built for them.
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Power BI Desktop

Power BI Desktop is a powerful visual data exploration and interactive reporting desktop application. It provides a flexible canvas to drag-and-drop content exactly where you want it to explore your data plus an extensive library of interactive visualisations. Streamline report creation and publish data and reports right to your Power BI site to share with others.

Clean and transform data

Cleaning and getting data ready to analyse can be time- consuming. The data shaping and modelling capabilities of Power BI Desktop allow you to get your data ready to analyse much faster.

Complete analytics life-cycle

The Power BI desktop is an end-to end self-service analytics solution. The Desktop application has all the capabilities to connect, shape, visualise and share date right to your Power BI site.

Design once, view anywhere

Quickly create interactive visualisations in Power BI Desktop which can be published in your Power BI site to ensure that everyone has access to the reports, and decisions can be made based on the data.

Power BI for Mobile

Stay connected with your data by accessing it anywhere, anytime with the Power BI app for Windows, iOS and Android. These native apps provide live, interactive, mobile access to your important business information. Thus giving you a 360 degree view of your business data on the go at the touch of your fingertips.

Visualise your data

See your personalised dashboards and reports, anywhere, anytime. You can easily interact with and drill down into your data with a touch-optimised experience.

Always be in the know

With Power BI for Mobile, you can stay up-to-date with personalised data-driven alerts. This allows you to discover important insights and act on them instantly.

Share data internally

Share reports and dashboards with your team so they are all have the same, up-to-date information, enabling your team to proactively act on the data.

Power BI Pricing

Power BI provides features to help you get started exploring data in a whole new way. Power BI Pro provides all of the same great features in Power BI, plus additional features like more storage capacity, hourly scheduled refresh, live data sources with full interactivity, groups, and more.

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