May 2013: BOARD International has launched their latest all in one toolkit and aims to transform the way in which users access and take advantage of information in the enterprise.

With search based data discovery, personal mashboards, and a new drag and drop user interface, BOARD 8 makes gaining access to the right information easier, faster and more effective for everyone.

Thanks to BOARD’s unique and native Business Intelligence and Performance Management unification, these new capabilities extend to every type of analytic application, thus closing the gap between the individual need for self-service analysis, and the organizational necessity to have a shared vision of the truth throughout the whole enterprise.

BOARD 8 Highlights

Data Discovery


As a single, unified solution, BOARD allows any search result to be immediately used as a driver for further analysis (i.e. if the search is for a product name the user can immediately choose a report where this is included, and use the product or a correlated dimension as a navigation criteria) or as an element for creating new reports, using the new drag and drop self-service analysis UI.


BOARD has always offered drag and drop analysis and reporting, but with B8 the traditional toolkit environment has been complemented with a new drag and drop UI which allows any user not only to create his own reports on the fly, but also to create personalized customization of centralized reports.


BOARD 8 enables each user to create their own personal Business Intelligence apps. Users can select and combine any existing report, graph, or gauge and save it as a personal app to the PinBOARD, and even edit as required. This is all without the need for IT to intervene. Once created, the apps offer personalized access to information that is physically distributed across the entire enterprise.

Time to Solution


The Fast Track function enables the automatic creation of BOARD cubes, entities and relationships from a relational database, obviating the effort to build aggregates, summaries and pre-calculations and to handle sparsity. With a few mouse clicks, users may point to a relational data source table and “fast track” it: behind the scenes, BOARD explores and discovers the relationships between the data and coherently builds-up and feeds a multidimensional model, ready to use.


The Menu Builder adds a typical CMS (Content Management system) capability to BOARD, offering not only the ability to easily set-up and modify a navigation path between the screens, but also automatically translating it into different menu objects and integrating it into applications and reports.

Extended Enterprise Capabilities


This tool supports the “Change release management cycle” and “Impact analysis” for CPM and BI enterprise solution 24/7. It allows the BOARD developer to review and analyze the impact of a design change of the data model, or of the application, and promote it to the production server, whilst keeping the system’s availability. It also provides an approval and audit trail of design and development changes to the solution.


BOARD 8 introduces a series of security enhancements that simplify the process of managing security across large deployments. These improvements are based on the requirements and experiences of a growing number of enterprise projects. Among these updates is new functionality that enables security management to be delegated to key users, making it possible to decentralize the security model and to adapt it to the organizational structure. Furthermore, the whole security architecture has been improved to make it easier to re-use security profiles already existing in other systems and applications.