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CRM for Housing

CRM for Housing is a customized CRM solution designed to meet the needs of social housing providers. Developed by Esuasive in conjunction with Sentinel Housing Association, and powered by Microsoft Dynamics, CRM for Housing integrates with your core housing management system and other systems to deliver a 360° view of your customers.

All Registered Providers face similar challenges: dealing with the impact of Universal Credit on rent collection and arrears management; communicating with tenants in new ways – by phone, email, portal, social channels – and enabling customer self-service; providing neighbourhood teams with mobile access to systems and information; maintaining service levels and increasing customer satisfaction whilst striving for further cost efficiencies; and ‘joining up’ systems and service areas to create a seamless service capability.

CRM for Housing put the customer at the centre, creating a platform for Registered Providers to manage properties, tenancies and the services they deliver, all from one place.

Putting the customer at the centre

CRM for Housing transforms the traditional property centric view of the world provided by housing management systems, putting the customer at the centre. This allows housing providers accurately to reflect the complex relationships that exist when providing a wide range of services to a diverse customer base.

We have taken the basic Dynamics CRM service model and enhanced it with the entities and relationships that exist in the social housing world. On top of that we have layered new features to ensure that service teams – both in and out of the office – have the information they need, delivered using visual prompts where appropriate, to help them quickly decide how best to deliver a service.

Figure 1: Esuasive CRM for Social Housing 

The system captures customer interactions as they happen and makes the information available immediately to whoever needs to know. Integrated document management and mail merge functions ensure that each customer’s digital record is comprehensive. And the in-built mobile capabilities of Dynamics CRM means that customer information is fully accessible even when staff are working remotely from the office. Real-time management information is presented in clear, easy to analyse dashboards. Managers can very simply customise their dashboards or build their own from scratch.

CRM for Housing takes full advantage of the adaptability of Dynamics CRM. Local requirements and new business processes can be designed and implemented in CRM for Housing in a matter of days.

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Benefits of CRM for Housing

CRM puts the customer at the centre. Contact centre and neighbourhood teams have full visibility of past and scheduled customer details and interactions.
Contact centre teams can handle customer queries more effectively with fewer call backs, improving throughput and shortening call waiting times.
Locally designed dashboards give managers and team leaders up-to-the-minute details of team performance, with drill down capabilities, exception reporting and escalations built in to the system.
Neighbourhood teams can connect to the CRM system remotely and schedule next actions ‘on site’, speeding up case resolution and removing the need to complete any administration back at the office. Likewise, contract service providers can hook in to deliver seamless customer service.
Risk and vulnerability indicators highlight potential issues to neighbourhood teams and repairs operatives prior to each visit or intervention.
With details of tenants – including photographs – available to housing officers and neighbourhood teams, breaches of tenancy agreements can more easily be identified and resolved.
CRM for Housing contains a complete, integrated digital record of all information relating to tenants, properties, lettings, complaints, permissions, warnings, interventions, repairs and service delivery, fully auditable to logon ID level. A comprehensive security model allows you to map even the most complex requirements, to ensure sensitive information is properly protected.
CRM for Housing is powered by Microsoft Dynamics CRM, an enterprise-grade CRM system.

“The interface is excellent, all the key information we need is now on one page … it makes working with the new CRM system so much easier than clicking in and out of different applications like we used to do”

– Sentinel User 

CRM for Housing: Key Features and Functionality

  • Links Customers, Tenancies and Properties with service teams and associated organisations.
  • Streamlines case management, including activities, interventions, related cases and documentation, with escalations, performance targets and auditing.
  • Enables team and individual queues for tasks, cases and other activities to make sure that everyone knows what they should be tackling next.
  • Incorporates configurable workflows to support customer processes including voids & lettings, transfers & mutual exchanges, complaints and local policies.
  • Captures customer interactions, available to customer service, neighbourhood and specialist teams.
  • Holds a variety of indicators for risks and vulnerabilities to help protect your customers and staff
  • Seamlessly connects with neighbourhood teams, repairs contractors and other mobile workers.
  • Fully supports multi-channel customer communication, by letter, email and social media.
  • Includes built in, customisable dashboards and reporting.
  • Is fully integrated with Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Office.
  • Works with Microsoft SharePoint or other document management solutions.
  • Is easy to use, with the familiar, intuitive Microsoft Windows interface.
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