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CRM for Customer Service

Esuasive has a strong track record developing Dynamics CRM solutions for the customer service function. We have customized and enhanced Dynamics CRM to handle a wide range of complex service desk requirements. This includes: incident management, problem management, problem cascade, dynamic workload management, SLA clock with auto-alerts to avoid unintended breach, plus knowledge base, forums and customer self-service via ADX, and ITIL compliance.

The challenge for many organizations is finding a balance between delivering amazing customer experiences and maintaining control of the cost of service. With Dynamics CRM for customer service, organizations can deliver outstanding service, build customer loyalty, and reduce operational costs.

Multi-Channel Support

Support your customers via the channels of their choice – web, email, phone or social channels. Cases can be created automatically from an email that is received and can be linked with the customer’s record within Microsoft Dynamics CRM. With Parature, agents can create cases based on social interactions, and use social data to trigger workflows that integrates into Microsoft Dynamics CRM

SLA Management

Agents are able to provide differential levels of support with entitlements and customizable Service Level Agreements (SLAs). An SLA clock captures incident raise time and time to breach, with escalating auto-alerts to avoid unintended breaches of SLAs. Pause and resume SLAs to track the time that a case was on-hold or waiting on a customer to ensure SLAs are met.

Automated Workflows

Microsoft Dynamics CRM allows you to assign, manage and resolve service requests with automated routing and queueing rules to deliver service issues to the correct team and ensure you hit your service targets.

Unified Service Desk

Unified Service Desk is designed specifically for call centres to provide agents with a single, unified view of the customer. Agents can access customer information from every source of information that they need, across varied environments. This enables them to deliver a faster and more personalized level of service.  Find out more about Unified Service Desk > 

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