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Social Engagement

In such a connected world, engagement with prospects and customers can happen anytime and anywhere. Positive social customer engagement and experience is key to growing your business. Microsoft Social Engagement CRM solution puts powerful social tools into the hands of your sales, marketing and customer services teams, to help them gain insight into how people view your business and to proactively connect on social media with customers and key influencers.

Listen Everywhere

Listen everywhere, across many social channels to understand how people feel about your business and how you compare to your competitors.

Analyse Sentiment

Analyse Sentiment to understand your share of voice across social channels and recognise who key influencers are.

Drive Engagement

Drive engagement to encourage conversations about your company and gain valuable insight to shape your messaging and sales strategy.

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Social Analytics

The robust social analytics of Microsoft Social Engagement gives more insightful and interactive analytics, using richer data to gain a true understanding of your business on topics that matter most to you. The visual filter lets you segment the data by sources, sentiment, location or author. The unique sentiment monitoring combines natural language processing and machine learning techniques to evaluate keywords in posts to determine their sentiment.

Social CRM

Put powerful social tools into the hands of sales, marketing and service teams to deliver an excellent customer experience. By adding social data in Microsoft Dynamics CRM on dashboards or on any forms, including Accounts and Campaigns. By integrating social data into end-to-end campaign journeys, you can create Leads, Opportunities or Cases from social posts within Dynamics CRM Online.

Social Engagement

Improve social media presence and build deeper relationships with customers by engaging with social communities. Enable sales, marketing and services teams to collaborate with customisable streams from a combination of sources. Create an end-to-end customer experience by creating CRM actions from social posts – cases, leads, and any custom entities.

Intelligent Social

Gain more insights with rich analytics including share of voice, location, and tag cloud visualisations. The unique sentiment analysis evaluates keywords in posts to determine whether they are positive, negative or neutral. Adaptive sentiment allows you to build custom sentiment models to fit with your industry. With the ability to automatically detect intention in posts, you can triage or rote cases or leads into CRM.

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