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Esuasive can help you maximize sales productivity. Out of the box, Dynamics CRM provides tools that enable sales professionals to win more business. And because Dynamics CRM has the same intuitive interface as Outlook and Microsoft Office, the learning curve is short. We can help you develop workflows which automate and guide the sales process, gain an accurate picture of the pipeline and track progress and conversion. We can also help you get to grips with the new features of Dynamics CRM 2015.

The way that people buy products or services has fundamentally changed. Your customers have access to more information than ever before, which means they are making buying decisions before you have even had the chance to engage with them. You sales team needs to adapt to the new customer journey and manage the selling process across different devices, channels and locations.

Zero In

Sales teams can Zero in on the right opportunities, focus on the most impactful activities and make better decisions based on insight

Win Faster

Win faster by making every customer conversation more relevant, valuable, and productive. Enable sales teams to work anywhere anytime.

Sell More

Sales teams can sell more with real-time sales reporting and pipeline confidence, which can be accessed from multiple devices

360 Degree View of the Customer

View and manage all account information in a single view including contact information, all forms of communications (including email), attachments, opportunities, quotes and orders.

Opportunity and Sales Pipeline Management

Gain insight into leads and opportunities at every stage of the sales cycle so you can accurately report your sales forecast for your financial period. Real-time sales reporting allows you to identify trends, track sales processes and evaluate sales performance. Flexible dashboards enable you to visualize your metrics and easily share the reports with colleagues.

Mobile Sales

With more sales teams being out on the road, it has become even more important for them to be able to access critical information from anywhere. Microsoft Dynamics CRM for tablets and mobiles allows sales team to stay connected. They are able to update activities, contacts and opportunities and get real time analytics on their chosen device, so there is less time spent on ‘admin’ and more time on actually selling.

With the Outlook plugin, you can work with an intuitive, familiar solution that can be used online and offline, enabling sales professionals to work anywhere, anytime.

Social Selling

Every conversation a sales professional has with a lead or customer needs to be relevant and valuable. Sales professionals can leverage social data for lead generation and relationship management or to gain competitive insight and identify new prospects.

With InsideView, you can zero in on the right customers with the relevant information using real-time company and contact data, events and news.

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