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Sometimes, off-the-shelf is not the way to go. If the functionality you need is specific and unique, Esuasive can deliver a solution custom-built to your requirements. Fast.

Pace, when it matters

Technology can be disruptive. When you spot an opportunity to achieve competitive advantage through innovation, speed of execution is critical. Esuasive’s collaborative approach and lightweight software development process allow us to work at high tempo to deliver working software quickly and achieve early return on investment.

Alternatively, it may be external drivers – regulatory requirements, competitor initiatives or the desire to reduce operational costs – that create the imperative for change. When a non-negotiable date has to be met, control of project scope, effective prioritization and timely decision-making are crucial.

Agile vs Waterfall

December 12th, 2012|Comments Off on Agile vs Waterfall

Forrester notes the ability of Agile to deliver "improvements in time-to-benefits, overall quality and efficiency, team morale, the relationship between IT and business staff and responsiveness to change". Over the past few years many companies have [...]

How we work

Fixed-price delivery

If requirements can be clearly defined and agreed, fixed-price delivery is an option. First, we work with you to complete a detailed requirements specification. It is not always easy to convey requirements in words alone, so we incorporate wireframes and visualizations to make sure this specification captures what the business needs.

Then, we produce a full project proposal, incorporating a realistic and achievable plan to deliver a solution that meets the specified requirements, a defined change control process, a fixed-price quotation and a sensible approach to managing project risk.

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Agile delivery

When it is difficult to specify requirements precisely up-front, when phasing delivery can bring early benefits, or when users wish to play an active role in solution design and have ongoing involvement in the project, an agile approach can be a highly productive way of building a new business system.

At Esuasive we have developed our own agile methodology, agile evolved, which couples the essential elements of good governance and project control with lightweight process and the speed, fluidity and visibility of pure agile software development techniques to accelerate software development.

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Hybrid team

Many organizations have very competent in-house teams and prefer to retain control of projects rather than outsource. But inevitably, in-house teams do not always have the capacity to meet every deadline, nor the range of technical skills needed to deliver a well-designed and robust solution, especially when working with the latest technologies.

Esuasive can help. We can inject expertise into the design process, seed technical skills within a hybrid team, or bolster internal project resources to ensure on-time delivery.

Design for form and function

Esuasive develops custom business applications using the latest Microsoft enterprise-class development tools, with leading modern web frameworks such as AngularJS with the Microsoft ASP.NET Web API. We can provide the guidance required to select the most appropriate technology stack and UI paradigm, including advice on the adoption of HTML5, and deployment to the Microsoft Azure cloud platform, or to your own infrastructure on-premise.

We place strong emphasis on code quality. Whether working fixed-price or agile, we ensure quality by applying industry best practices and modern development techniques such as TDD, BDD, ATDD, continuous integration and design patterns.

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