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Agile Project Delivery

Increasingly a preferred option because of its inherent pace and flexibility to change, agile software development is evolving to meet the needs of customers looking to shorten project lead times but constrained by the demands of corporate governance, project control processes and procurement guidelines.

Esuasive has been working at the frontier of agile for more than ten years. With a focus on pace of development, this make us an ideal software development partner. We may be agile evangelists, but we live in the real world. Each project we take on starts with a high-level scoping exercise, typically lasting one to two days, without any charge or obligation to continue afterwards. The output from this activity is a project brief containing a description of the project, a statement of project scope (set with the consent of your key business stakeholders), an outline timeline, the likely team structure, rough costs for budget approval, a list of issues or risks already identified, and recommended next steps. You are free to use the project brief as you see fit. It is obviously our hope that you will decide to continue with the project, with Esuasive as your selected partner.

If you decide to proceed, we will introduce you to our own proven agile methodology, agile evolved. We have taken the best, most practical features of agile software development and embedded these within an overarching, enterprise-class project delivery framework. With agile evolved, we deliver working software at pace. We believe that this approach offers customers a low-risk way forward to realize the benefits of developing applications using an agile approach.

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