Microsoft makes self-service reporting a reality by providing a highly interactive and responsive data exploration, visualisation, and presentation experience for users of all types—from business executives to information workers in Excel. Now anyone can easily create a report in just seconds, transform the “shape” of data with a single click, add powerful timed animation sequences to quickly identify trends or anomalies, and make a more convincing case through rich presentation of discovered insights.

Power View in Excel 1

Using SQL Server 2012, it enhances the data exploration capabilities of organizations by empowering users to access and integrate data from virtually any source. It allows users to create compelling reports and analytical applications, and easily collaborate and share insights using familiar tools. With this new version, users can create interactive, tabular, graphical, or free-form reports using data from a wide variety of data sources, including on-premises, syndicated, or unstructured data sources.

Power View in Excel 2

Power View in Excel includes the following main benefits:

  • Visual Design Experience: Users can access and analyze information in a completely interactive, web-based authoring environment that has the familiar look and feel of Microsoft Office. Users can create and manipulate data with a variety of tables, charts, and views to visualize data in a way that best suits their purpose.
  • Filtering and Highlighting of Data: Power View can identify the relationships between different tables in the underlying BI Semantic Model, enabling users to interact with the data to gain insights. This common metadata layer allows users to apply various kinds of visualization filters and highlight capabilities across the entire report.
  • Presentation-ready: Power View enables users to share information quickly and easily, and lets users browse and present data at virtually any time, without having to preview it on any other platform to see how it looks. Users publish the reports to SharePoint Excel Services, allowing other users to easily view and interact with the information.
  • Performance: Power View retrieves only that part of the data which is needed for visualization at any given time. This enhances performance by saving the large amount of time and resources that would be needed to load all of the data and by providing users with a highly interactive experience from the start.
  • Enhanced Visualizations: Report Styles and Themes, Backgrounds and background images, Hyperlinks, Pie Charts, Maps support, Key Performance Indicators