Dynamics 365 for Membership Bodies

Esuasive’s Membership solution, which leverages the Microsoft Dynamics platform, is a scalable solution that can be customised and extended to meet the specific requirements of regulatory and awarding bodies institutes, trade associations and other membership organisations.

  • Gives a 360-degree profile of your membership through a single view of qualifications, attendance history, behaviour and financial information.
  • Enables personalised communications with members, from acquisition, enquiry management, renewals to termination
  • Embeds customisable business workflows to streamline member interactions.
  • Supports multi-channel communication with members including email, self-service web portal, telephone integration and social media
  • Provides insights and advanced reporting through customisable dashboards
  • Native integration with Microsoft Outlook for email, scheduling and diary management
  • Easy to configure for mobile use – all configurations made to the system are automatically available on a tablet / smartphone with no additional configuration effort

Key Features and Functionality

Easily create and manage multi-channel marketing campaigns that enable you to reach your members. Create campaigns to inform members about their subscription, upsell new products or publicise events. Build long term relationships that are personalised, proactive and predictive across marketing and sales.
In an increasingly connected world, engagement with members and prospective members can happen anytime and anywhere. Microsoft Social Engagement puts powerful social tools into the hands of your sales, marketing and membership services teams, to help them gain insight into how people view your organisation and proactively connect on social media with members and key influencers.
New member management

Quickly and easily manage new membership applications. Create and process membership applications through a self-service sign-up portal on your website. Automate workflows to ensure new memberships are tracked and specific milestones are achieved. Create reports marketing activity on join rates and to understand where and how new members are finding you and what how successfully you are converting enquiries to memberships

Automate membership processes from application to termination, including suspensions, progression, renewals, using automated workflows to mirror your current membership subscriptions and renewal cycles. The bulk renewal tool enables you initiate renewal marketing campaigns, including multi-channel communication (email, social media, etc.).
Get a 360-degree view of your members with a complete history of your members’ interactions with your organisation. All contact history can be captured and stored including emails, telephone conversations and meetings.
Ensure enquiries from the web, phone, email, etc. are recorded, tracked and assigned to the right staff member or department for progression and resolution. Enquires can be resolved or passed on to other departments, if needed, with a full history.
A full range of payment options and processes relating to a product, training or event purchase is supported within the solution. You can manage payments, part payments, refunds and credit notes. Create and manage product, training and event catalogues, add price lists and related discounts across membership grades and types. Monthly or annual direct debit payments can be set up by your members to pay for subscriptions and products and discounts can be applied if offered.
Members can manage all aspects of their own memberships via a self-service web portal. Members can update personal information, communication preferences and renew their membership online (including paying invoices or setting up direct debits).
Integrated within the solution is our powerful event management tool, which provides you with the ability to manage events such as AGMs, conferences, seminars and training courses simply and effortlessly. Communication, online payments and discount levels are included. Market your events and conferences to delegates, manage marketing lists, book accommodation and venues, manage budgets, communicate with delegates and pull together reports for attendance, badges etc.
Manage a range of qualifications and exams including modules and assessments, study centre, exam booking and management, accreditation management and examiner and moderator management.

Members can also be supported through their career development, as the solution provides application forms to move membership levels, assign courses and qualifications to members and enable them to manage their own career growth via a self-service portal.