Recently, Microsoft released the iOS, Android and Windows phone native applications to mirror the functionality provided by the Tablet applications against CRM Online.

We’ve just installed the application on some phones and pointed it to one of CRM Online environments running our CRM for Housing solution and it’s great to see that everything works straight out of the box with no additional configuration or customisation.

The existing tablet application and the new phone applications are very impressive – if you produce solutions using CRM configuration techniques such as Business Rules and Business Process Flows rather than JavaScript etc. everything works out of the box – a really great ROI !

The offline capability works just as well.

I’ve included a few screen shots below to show the experience you get.

Entity list displayed

Views are available

Case management with fully functional Business Process Flows – shown in ‘offline’ mode

Records can be created offline

Familiar ‘Drillable’ dashboards are available

Touch sensitive records with relationships clearly accessible

Ability to read cached records when offline