Gartner recently released their Magic Quadrant for Sales Force Automation. In this quadrant, Gartner defines Sales Force automation applications as those that ‘automate the sales activities, processes and administrative responsibilities for an organization’s sales professionals.’ Considered to be a foundational technology, Sales Force Automation is fundamental to how companies execute their sales processes.

Gartner go on to say that they consider the principal Sales Force Automation capabilities to include account, contact and opportunity management, pipeline management and sales forecasting. In addition to these principal capabilities, there are often other capabilities such as lead, content and quote management, guided selling, partner relationship management and analytics included in Sales Force Automation offerings. These additional capabilities are frequently use in B2B selling, Gartner also evaluates the vendors on these categories as well.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online has been ranked as one of the market leaders in the recent Magic Quadrant due the strength of its Sales Force Automation product capabilities, product vision, marketing execution and end-user satisfaction.

According to Gartner, when buyers are looking at different suppliers of CRM, Dynamics CRM Online appears on many of their shortlists. This is due to the attractive pricing and how well it complements other Microsoft products and services. Also, Dynamics CRM Online has a wide variety of Sales Force Automation capabilities that small, mid-size and large organisations all find relevant.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Strengths

According to Gartner, Microsoft’s Dynamics CRM Online Strengths include:

  • Sales Force Automation product vision: According to Gartner, Microsoft has a clear vision for how advanced analytics in Sales Force Automation applications apply to sales execution. Microsoft have already embedded Microsoft Power BI analytics and Azure predictive analytics into Dynamics CRM Online. Microsoft’s vision for Dynamics CRM Online is that it will unite these analytics capabilities to produce data-driven sales execution benchmarks and identify sales process best practices.
  • Platform: Many customers reference how Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online offers a highly configurable solution with the ability to use the platform the build custom sales processes and workflows.
  • Customer Experience: Gartner praise Microsoft’s high high scores from their reference customers for post-sales customer support and customer success processes.