At Microsoft’s annual Worldwide Partner Conference, Satya Nadella dedicated a significant amount of time during his keynote updating the partner community on Microsoft’s vision for Dynamics- most specifically the evolution of Dynamics CRM to Dynamics 365.

Business processes are at the core of every business. Our customers are looking to adapt their customer engagement and business operations processes so they can be brought into the digital era. As many customers go through this ‘digital transformation’, they need a degree of agility and unification across the business. This is where Dynamics 365 can help.

Essentially Dynamics 365 takes Dynamics CRM & ERP products and bundles them together to create single cloud service with new, purpose built, apps to help manage specific business functions such as financials, sales, operations and customer service. This is a similar approach to when Microsoft launched Office365- which made it easier to purchase SharePoint and Exchange via a single plan. Dynamics 365 will integrate with Office 365 to connect to the ‘structured workflow’ of business apps with the ‘unstructured workflow’ of collaboration and productivity.

According to Satya Nadella, Microsoft Dynamics 365:

  • Helps organizations move from large application suites to purpose-built, SaaS applications with intelligence built in
  • Integrates Microsoft Office 365
  • Introduces a disruptive and customer centric business model to build what you want and buy just the capabilities you need, while ensuring all roles have access to all the data they need to be successful in their jobs

There are still many questions and uncertainties surrounding Dynamics 365, including licensing, different editions and when it is due to be released. For more information on Dynamics 365, take a look at Satya Nadella’s post on LinkedIn or please contact us via: email or call 01344 393 012.