Many organisations recognise the importance of investing in BI and analytics tools to deliver insight into their data. Microsoft Power BI has been ranked as one of the market leaders in Gartner’s recently released Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence (BI) and Analytic Platforms 2016. For the first time Microsoft has been places furthest in vision with the Leader’s quadrant. Gartner summarises Microsoft as “demonstrating the leading Completeness of Vision” due to their commitment and focus of its BI and analytics leadership team to Power BI.

This year leaders in the BI market must demonstrate that they are focused on both current execution and have a robust roadmap to solidify its position as a future market leaders.  According to Gartner, Microsoft’s leadership position was solidified by the strong uptake of Power BI 2. In Gartner’s view, Power BI 2 came with major product improvements, and increase in marketing and sales efforts and a clearer, more visionary product roadmap.

Power BI enables everyone in your organisation to collect, analyse, visualise and publish data and share insight. Power BI provides a 360 degree view for decision makers and business users of the most important metrics and data, in one place, in real time. Power BI is continuously upgraded by Microsoft’s community of engineers, partners and users, which means the tools are continuously get better.

Microsoft claim a strong uptake of Power BI, with 90,000 organisations in 185 countries now using it. Gartner attributes this uptake to:

  1. Significant product updates and improvements
  2. Lowering the price of Power BI to £6.20 per user per month, making it one of the lowest priced BI solutions available.

Power BI Strengths

According to Gartner, Microsoft’s Power BI Strengths include:

  • Strong adoption drivers. Power BI is delivered through the cloud, has a low price per user and offers a low Total Cost of Ownership, due to the ease of use for business users which means it is not dependent on skilled BI resources.
  • Achievement of business benefits. With Microsoft’s high scores in monetising data, improved customer service and increasing revenue, as well as delivering better insights to more users. As Power BI can be deployed by business users emphasis’s the achievement of business benefits at a lower cost.
  • User Enablement. Microsoft ranked extremely high for user enablement thanks to online tutorials, community support, conferees and documentation they provide.
  • Data Sources and Connectors. Microsoft has expanded the number and type of data sources that can be supported natively. Plus, an improved partner network allows connectors and content to be built out including prebuilt dashboards and reports.

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