Project Description

Success Story : Breast Cancer Care

Enhancing an existing web-based application to improve patient care, with ongoing responsibility to provide on site application development expertise and support.

The Challenge

Breast Cancer Care had two business requirements: create a contact management system and develop a new volunteer matching application. The basis of the existing system was contact databases in many regional offices.  Data was not shared across offices and was not stored in a consistent format. Breast Cancer Care wanted to replace this regional approach with a more efficient, centralised, intranet-based system to enabling better targeted match of patients with a national base of volunteers with similar experiences.


Esuasive addressed both requirements simultaneously. A new intranet-based contact management system was designed, the system was developed and, after a successful pilot, the application was rolled out across the organisation.

An experienced Microsoft .NET certified consultant guided Breast Cancer Care’s IT team in developing a volunteer matching system in-house.

Following an initial review of the existing business application, Esuasive designed and helped to develop an enhanced web-based solution. Working alongside Breast Cancer Care’s internal team, Esuasive supported and mentored and helped to establish development guidelines and best practices.

The volunteer matching application was developed using ASP.NET and VB.NET with a SQL Server database at the back end to replace the existing regional databases.


The contact management system was delivered on time and quickly proved its value to the business by improving productivity and enabling greater use of making contact information readily available and services provided.

The volunteer matching system was also delivered on time and within budget. The system enabled effective matching of patients with the charity’s volunteers and significantly improved patient care.