Project Description

Success Story : Bridgeman Art Library

Esuasive created a browser based system from scratch, enabling Bridgeman Art Library to leverage its critical asset – image data and allowing users to find specific images quickly and efficiently.

The Challenge

To provide Bridgeman Art Library with an efficient and flexible solution to improve user search functionality and the accessibility of assets stored within their image database. Bridgeman Art Library also wanted to introduce efficiencies in the image cataloguing process.


The proposed solution was to replace the set of existing DOS based systems with a single browser-based online application which would match the speed of the existing legacy systems. This would help to substantially increase flexibility of the database schema to support further extension and improve the speed of the cataloguing process.

Esuasive supplemented the in-house development team with additional skilled .NET developers able to take full ownership of the development of key parts of the system. Working closely with the users, prototype workflows were created allowing users to take part in the design and development of the critical cataloguing screens and processes.

Using ASP.NET, AJAX, C#.NET and SQL Server, Esuasive provided a browser based system to facilitate the efficient cataloguing of images, ensuring that data was optimised and captured in an efficient manner. Alongside the manual cataloguing systems, Esuasive also delivered a flexible Windows Forms application enabling the automated mapping and import of metadata.


The new system delivered a significant measurable reduction in processing time and resources required for cataloguing. The system was rolled out across Bridgeman Art Library’s regional offices.

Diverse users of the site have been able to find images quickly and efficiently, enabling Bridgeman Art Library grow their market share in the highly competitive sector.