Project Description

Success Story : Chambers and Partners

The Challenge

Despite running large scale, complex IT systems, the quantity of data generated was beginning to cause issues and Chamber’s IT team made the decision to take on a major overhaul of existing capabilities. Esuasive were brought in to introduce an agile approach to the internal IT team and to support Chambers in running a pilot project to ‘showcase’ Agile within the business community.


Combining elements from Esuasive’s Agile Explore and Agile Quickstart services, Esuasive delivered a bespoke 5-day ’introducing agile’ programme designed to bring professionals up to speed. Covering ‘agile’ at an appropriate level, four sessions were planned and delivered, consisting of Processes, Method & Techniques, People Issues and ‘Road Map’.

The Processes session focused on understanding IT governance, project management and software development processes, discussing the issues Agile could address and exploring how current processes might be adapted to align with a more Agile approach.

Given the scale and complexity of the system’s portfolio, the nature of projects to be undertaken and the development technologies used, Method & Techniques focused on alternative agile methods and techniques appropriate for Chambers. In addition, direction was provided to help Chambers identify appropriate methods and techniques to use and to understand how to implement Agile effectively.

With regard to People, Chambers were guided to consider what changes to team composition and structure would be required. There was a discussion of how team member and stakeholder behaviours might change with a consideration of changes in  business processes that would need to be embraced to realise the benefits of Agile.

Finally, an ‘Agile Roadmap’ was created, setting out a way forward with a realistic, cost transition plan.


Esuasive helped to accelerate Chambers’ transition an agile way of working and helped to deliver the pilot projects which proved the benefits of Agile. This allowed Chambers to tune their approach to Agile to enable coexistence of agile software development with internal project governance requirements.

Esuasive worked in a warm, friendly, open and constructive way that took into account the people and business processes at Chambers and Partners, instead of preaching best practice from the Agile bible. The specifically tailored recommendations are working very well with the business and IT staff are happy with the results so far.

Robert Howe, IT Manager, Chambers and Partners