Project Description

Success Story : Countrywide Surveyors

The Challenge

Countrywide Surveyors wanted to automate the process of taking instructions from the bank to carry out the survey, through to the delivery of the survey back to the lender in order to make substantial productivity improvements and cost savings, with the goals of improving profitability and growing market share. Esuasive were brought in to replace the existing paper-based surveying system with a paperless solution allowing instructions to be received electronically and automatically assigned to a surveyor. The surveyor would then complete the survey on a tablet PC and electronically generate the final report for signing, approval and submission.


Esuasive developed a bespoke solution that provided full electronic surveying capabilities, removing the necessity for manual data entry and re-keying. The system was fully automated from end to end and delivered substantial cost reduction and time saving in the survey process. Built on a foundation of Microsoft .NET technologies, the solution incorporated a suite of fully integrated applications to manage all the core business process of Countrywide Surveyors.

Surveyors are provided with tablet PCs to enable mobile data capture. A VB.Net runs on the tablets allowing surveyors to capture survey information electronically whilst out ‘in the field’ and crucially, allows them to generate, approve and submit completed surveys without returning to the office.

Internal users are provided with a browser-based ASP.NET application to manage the process and to provide management information. An internet portal, built using ASP.NET and C# enable the end customer to track the progress of the survey.

Finally, full system integration with leading banks, building societies and panel members was also incorporated using Web Services built using Microsoft .NET.


Substantial cost savings have been realised due to a very significant reduction in administrative head-count, delivering improved business profitability.

Time taken to complete surveys in the field is reduced as was the time taken to deliver the survey to the end user. Business productivity had improved by 11%.

Data quality had also improved due to the implementation of automatic validation at the time of data entry and the elimination of manual re-keying of data.

The system provided a clear competitive advantage for Countrywide Surveyors enabling the company to grow market share by offering faster, more accurate turnaround of surveys from instruction to delivery.

This solution has revolutionised our business, and our success was recognised when Countrywide Surveyors won the prestigious ‘Best Mobile Application’ award at the prestigious 02-sponsored ‘Communication in Business’ awards.
Bill Ashworth, IT Director , Countrywide Surveyors