Project Description

Success Story : First Choice

The Challenge

First Choice were facing serious problems gathering reliable management information due to fragmented information sources and no quick means of producing accurate and detailed reporting from various business departments. For a margin-critical business, it was vital to  address these deficiencies and gain control quickly.In order to address the issues, a number of significant challenges had to be overcome. Data had to be gathered from multiple sources, the various definitions of the same data item had to be rationalized in enable integration and an efficient way to collect and process a vast amount of data had to be determined.


First Choice seized the business opportunities to build a data warehouse, choosing Esuasive as their preferred supplier for the project. The data warehouse was built on the Oracle platform and was designed to take nightly data feeds from multiple data sources and perform intricate rationalization and data calculation tasks before populating the multi-complex reporting environment.  To ensure users could view ‘one version of the truth’, a great deal of effort was spent shaping the data extraction, transformation and load processes so data could be integrated successfully. Esuasive utilised powerful parallel programming techniques to process vast amounts of data and optimise the utilisation of hardware resources available.

The success of the project was reliant on end users being able to extract and report on both the raw and aggregated data easily. An end user reporting environment was built around the BusinessObjects data reporting toolset. Esuasive conducted an exercise to understand what the data users required and what was required for ad hoc analysis. Esuasive then proceeded to carefully describe all basic data items to ensure maximum understanding and a set of tailored reports were built to reduce the time required by users to obtain the information needed.


The project was delivered in phases so First Choice could improve their competitive position quickly, especially in operational margin.

The completed data warehouse provided a robust and comprehensive management reporting and data mining environment for finance, sales, seat bookings and yield management enabling maximum understanding of data to drive improved margins and greater profitability.

Esuasive was the perfect partner, they understood both the magnitude of the task and the value that it would bring to the business. They executed the project with considerable vigour and professional and technical skill.

Steve Mepham, Data Manager, First Choice Holidays