Project Description

Success Story : Moat Housing

The Challenge

Moat have a significant number of operational systems in use across the business, enabling reasonable reporting within each business area. However, it was very difficult and time consuming to create reports that gave an accurate view at the corporate level. The challenge was to bring the data together into a common database with some basic static reporting which would require a follow-up by an ad hoc reporting solution that could be quickly and easily built by a small team of Super Users from various areas of the business.  It was imperative for these users to get up to speed quickly and be productive in only a handful of days.

Moat wanted to overcome these challenges with a single solution that could be delivered incrementally and at pace, but had the potential to provide a much wider breadth of business intelligence functionality in the future. The tool and solution really did need to be user friendly!


Initially, Esuasive worked closely with Moat to build a Microsoft SQL Server Data Warehouse, taking and cleansing data from numerous operational systems in use. Static reports were made readily available to provide key business metrics and KPIs.

The choice of an ad hoc reporting tool was key. The choice of an ad hoc reporting tool such as BOARD Business Intelligence Toolkit helped Moat to rapidly utilise their business knowledge to create ad hoc reports allowing users to drill through the data and providers answers to questions.


Moat was able to deliver the ad hoc reporting capability at pace, with real value being swiftly realised through the installation of the BOARD Business Intelligence Toolkit.

Esuasive has continued to work with Moat to support their use of BOARD and help identify areas of the business where further value can be achieved including financial planning and KPI dashboards.

Working with Esuasive, we found a tailored solution for our reporting and analysis needs. The project not only delivered efficiencies, but it helped to change thinking within our organisation, around how data is used for reporting purposes.
Mandy Samrai, Head of Business Strategy, Moat Housing