Project Description

Success Story : National Children’s Bureau

Delivering Agile Explore and Agile QuickStart programmes to enable National Children’s Bureau to decide whether to ’go agile’ and to help position NCB to take on their first Agile project.

The Challenge

To deliver a targeted training programme to introduce the Agile approach and methodologies to the internal IT team at NCB, in order to enable them to make a decision as to whether to implement Agile in their organisation, and to position them to run their first Agile project.


Esuasive delivered two short, sharp programmes to help NCB make a decision and move forward.

We initiated the engagement with our Agile Explore service which is a 2 day programme helping organisations focus on business drivers and reasons for wanting to go Agile. The programme describes the key principles of agile methodologies and highlights the benefits and potential downsides/risks. We At NCB, we also included a review of current software development processes, to highlight issues and consider whether and how Agile might resolve these.

We followed up with Agile QuickStart, a 5 day programme incorporating a series of steps designed to get NCB up and running with their first agile project. The steps included: understanding which ‘flavour’ of Agile would work best, enabling a decision to be made on the right approach; understanding the changes to behaviours and business processes needed to embrace and realise the benefits of Agile; creation of a clear and concise roadmap and transition plan to enable effective implementation of the new methodology; and finally identification of the key likely issues that may be encountered, along with appropriate countermeasures.


Esuasive delivered both programmes: Agile Explore and Agile QuickStart, to National Children’s Bureau enabling NCB make an informed decision to implement an agile approach to software development.

Armed with a clear understanding of what Agile delivers and requires, the NCB IT team were able to create a concise road-map and transition plan to move to Agile, and embark on the first in-house agile project with confidence.