Project Description

Success Story : TK Maxx

Existing systems were struggling to support this retailer’s global supply chain, with multiple complex data sources and the business need for near real time management information. Esuasive delivered a modern business intelligence solution to provide greater visibility of the whole supply chain from supplier to store.

The Challenge

Inefficiencies and limitations with the existing IT systems supporting the supply chain function were hindering the strategic growth of TK Maxx in Europe. In particular, the timeliness, accuracy and effort required to produce supply chain management information was becoming an issue. The business heavily relied upon complex manual processes and applications built with Excel, requiring a replacement with a modern business intelligence solution.


Esuasive created a scalable, robust, single repository of consolidated information for the complete supply chain. From purchase order, vendor booking, freight forwarder and DC activities through to the store. Intake Management, Planning, Buying and Merchandising departments use reports, alerts and dashboards to support departmental information needs and assist in making business decisions. Goods arriving from diverse locations can be tracked over time with statuses being assessed to determine efficient management of distribution centres and consistent delivery of goods to stores.

The solution integrates data from TK Maxx systems and multiple freight forwarders using EDI standards to record events which are the basis for producing the required supply chain business intelligence. The web-based user interface provides standard reporting, exception reporting, dashboards and alerts to provide visibility of the whole supply chain to business users.

The programme of work to deliver the solution ran for multiple phases, delivering incremental value and incorporating technical project delivery and business process change to fully adopt the solution.


The system provides actionable and accurate, real time supply chain milestone information enabling tracking and measurement of critical performance indicators and the identification of exceptions. This allowed proactive corrective action and rapid decision making resulting in improved supply chain efficiency and cost reduction. The benefits from this modern business intelligence solution include reduced DC inventory, improved stock availability and a continuous fresh flow of merchandise to store to drive sales.