Success Story : Moat Housing The Challenge Moat have a significant number of operational systems in use across the business, enabling reasonable reporting within each business area. However, it was very difficult and time consuming to create reports that gave an accurate view at the corporate level. The challenge was to bring the data together into a common database with [...]

TK Maxx

Success Story : TK Maxx Existing IT systems were struggling to support the complex business structure, constantly changing range and rapid expansion of this high street retailer. Esuasive used an agile approach to deliver a set of .NET applications, generating business efficiencies and enabling growth. The Challenge With a complex business structure and fast-moving range, [...]

Bridgeman Art Library

Success Story : Bridgeman Art Library Esuasive created a browser based system from scratch, enabling Bridgeman Art Library to leverage its critical asset - image data and allowing users to find specific images quickly and efficiently. The Challenge To provide Bridgeman Art Library with an efficient and flexible solution to improve user search functionality and [...]