When you qualify a Lead in Dynamics CRM 2011 you have the option to create an Account, Contact and Opportunity record based on the information already populated in the Lead record you’re about to qualify.

If your system has custom fields on the Lead entity, work needs to be carried out to ensure the data held in these custom fields can be transferred to the new Account, Contact or Lead record, otherwise you may lose significant data.

Follow these steps within your solution to ensure your custom field’s data transfers to the new records.
Note: You will need the System Customizer security role to complete this.

1. Mimic the custom fields on the Leads entity in either the Account, Contact or Opportunity entity depending on which you would like the data to transfer to. The logical names or display names do not need to be the same here, however if they are this will increase your environment’s consistency.

2. Open the Lead’s ‘1:N Relationships’ area and then double-click either ‘account_originating_lead’, ‘contact_originating_lead’, ‘opportunity_originating_lead’ depending on the entity you wish to transfer data to. For the purpose of this example we will look at ‘account_originating_lead’.

qualifying leads with custom fields blog pic 1

3. From the relationship screen, navigate to Mappings and click New.

qualifying leads with custom fields blog pic 2

4. On the New Mapping screen, simply select the field you would like to map from the Lead entity to the Account, Contact or Opportunity entity. After confirming your selection.

qualifying leads with custom fields blog pic 3

5. Repeat this process until all of your customisations are mapped to the relevant fields.

6. Publish your customisations and create a test lead to ensure the data has transferred!