There are many improvements in performance with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 but one of the least well known is the use of Full Text Search on Quick Find searches. This functionality was released in Rollup 1 of On-premise CRM 2015 deployments and can be switched on or off.

Before CRM 2015 UR1, Quick Find used the SQL LIKE operator for text strings with a “Starts with” search used by default. End users would use wildcards to search within the text which often meant that an index was not used and this could lead to poor performance.

In CRM 2015 UR1, Quick Find uses SQL full-text indexes and means that fields that contain all of the words in the search text are returned. For wildcard-based searches this can give massive improvements in performance. Interestingly, as a SQL full-text search is now used, the search can return plural versions of the word and is even tense sensitive (if you search for drive – drives, drove, driven etc. will be searched for an returned).

To switch it on or off, simply go into System Settings as below:

From our experience, it’s a really great way to improve Quick Find performance and yet another reason to move on to CRM 2015!