For some organisations who use Dynamics CRM to hold data about other organisations in a relatively small geographic area, the Maps addition to entities in Rollup 12 may be an unnecessary feature consuming real estate on your forms. Here’s how to remove the feature from a subset of forms or all of your Dynamics CRM forms.

Note: You will need the System Administration/System Customizer security roles to complete this.

Subset of Forms

1. Open the Maps properties from on the entity form from your modifications Solution.
2. Uncheck the checkbox value for Visibility

Removing Bing Maps from Dynamics CRM1

3. Confirm the change by clicking the OK button, save your form changes and then publish.

All Forms

1. Open System Settings by navigating to the Settings tab, and then clicking Administration

Removing Bing Maps from Dynamics CRM 2

2. On the General tab of System Settings there will be an ‘Enable Bing Maps’ option. This can be turned on by default, however we want to change this to No.
Note: You’ll likely have to scroll down to see this option.

How to remove bing maps  from Dynamics CRM- 3

3. Once saving the change, you will see that all Bing maps have been removed from all entity forms.