SharePoint Conference 2014 is now over and we are all back home from Vegas and considering what we have learned and how to use it.   Here are my key points from the conference and some thoughts on what it all means:

The conference had a strong emphasis on Office 365, Yammer as well as SharePoint.   This is a big shift – will the next conference still use the SharePoint name?

  • The Enterprise social track was quite dominant, with the Office Graph and Oslo app taking centre stage. You better get used to #WorkLikeaNetwork.
  • Microsoft has a Cloud first strategy for product release, with Office 365 getting all the new functionality in quick releases and on-premise  getting what works well later.
  • Yammer looks to be having a big influence on Microsoft, which is interesting, as it doesn’t actually do very much!   As one speaker put it “The cool-aid Microsoft have been drinking from Yammer…it has been impacting the SharePoint product team like nothing else.”.
  • Go Yammer now if you have a choice.  All the built in social functionality in SharePoint 2013 will be dropped after the next on-premise SharePoint release in 2015.
  • It was good to see the SharePoint community get together and network.  There were plenty of people with SharePoint problems they wanted to solve, but plenty of helpful advice as well or at least some group therapy.
  • PowerBI has great potential with Office 365 priced as a service.  Very interesting how much you can now do in Excel – BI Vendors had better take note of #PowerBI.
  • Some sessions were better than others.  My advice, its sometimes worth going to the sessions with someone you think is good or the well-known speakers, regardless of subject.
  • Best session for me was my last, Joel Oleson – The Strategy Behind Building a Successful Social Intranet #SPC291. Check it out at

Thank you #SPC14, it was fun!