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Make informed decisions with SharePoint as your Business Intelligence platform. As part of an Enterprise BI or Power BI solution, Esuasive can help you use SharePoint as your BI portal.

Making good decisions is not always just about good judgment or experience. It’s also about collecting and making sense of lots of data. That’s where Power Pivot comes in: it lets you easily combine massive amounts of data from multiple sources and build sophisticated models. But data alone is not enough — it needs to be expressed clearly to make a powerful impact on people. That’s what Power View is for. It lets you explore, visualize, and present data in compelling ways, and create exciting dashboards that you can quickly share with others in SharePoint.

Discover insights

Explore and combine data from multiple sources using PowerPivot

Vizualise data

Share dashboards and interactive reports using Power View

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Make informed decisions

Esuasive can help you utilize SharePoint as your powerful BI portal and share your insight
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