Universal Credit and Rent Arrears Management 

Welcome to the first of a series of blogs focusing on some of the challenges faced by Housing Associations and how Esuasive’s combination of expertise and technology can help you.

Housing Associations must provide excellent customer services to their residents, and this has become even more vital and apparent with the introduction of the “Universal Credit” legislation.  Typically, however, housing management systems are focused on property, assets and rent, not the people aspect of the business.  But there are alternatives.  Turning to a more traditional CRM solution could be the answer.  Traditionally CRM’s are designed to focus on the “customer” giving organisation a track record of interactions, purchases, complaints, queries etc, something that is missing in most Housing Management Systems, however even with the focus on customers a CRM may not be the ideal solution.

Whilst adding a CRM application will undoubtedly give a more rounded view of your tenants, it also brings with it the disadvantage of yet another system.  More integration headaches, another version of the “truth”, yet more reports and a further burden for already stretched IT departments

Experience shows that there are a number of challenges that housing associations face when dealing with customers:

  • Locating all resident information quickly (such as rent payments, household information and resident alerts)
  • Using multiple systems to log and find information
  • Not being able to track down previous contacts
  • No integration between systems

Recent research indicates that these challenges are only going to increase as the Universal Credit legislation rolls out.  With the introduction of this legislation, it has become even more important to have a focus on the tenant.  It is expected that rent arrears will increase dramatically and that tenants will need improved services for less investment.  Interactions between the provider and the tenant is going to be more frequent, more fraught and vital to monitor. With over 50% of Housing Associations not having a CRM or equivalent in place, managing these increases is a daunting task.

But what if you could implement a system that brings together the best bits of a Housing Management system and the customer focused benefits of a CRM?

Working with our Housing Association client and partner, Esuasive have created a solution that could solve the issues and challenges faced.  Based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM, our solution can deliver

  • 360 view of your tenant
  • Easily integrated into existing systems
  • Reporting capability
  • Record all forms of interaction with clients

Keep an eye out for our series of blogs on our new Dynamics CRM for Housing solution. If you want to find out more please contact us