Dynamics CRM 2016 now has the option to use the capabilities of OneDrive for Business to store files on CRM. This is a rather interesting new feature as it allows users to upload documents related to a CRM record through the OneDrive for Business applications available on desktops and mobile devices.

The steps to enable this are shown below.

Enabling the integration from CRM Online to SharePoint Online 

Go to Settings > Document Management

Onedrive with CRMOl 1

Click Enable Server-based SharePoint Integration.

Onedrive with CRMOl 2

Onedrive with CRMOl 3

Onedrive with CRMOl 4

Onedrive with CRMOl 5

Select option to Open Document Management Settings Wizard and click Finish.

Onedrive with CRMOl 6

Onedrive with CRMOl 7

Onedrive with CRMOl 8

Onedrive with CRMOl 9

Enabling OneDrive for Business

After we’re set up the CRM to SharePoint integration, we just have a few simple steps to enable the use of OneDrive for Business. This is shown below:

Onedrive with CRMOl 10

Click on the Enable OneDrive for Business option within Document Management

Onedrive with CRMOl 11

After this have been enabled, you will now see an option for OneDrive for Business Folder Settings.

Onedrive with CRMOl 12

Click on this option to show the following:

Onedrive with CRMOl 13

Select you’re desired root folder on OneDrive for Business and you’re all set up.

Securing use

There is a specific security privilege that can be set to control access to this feature – this is shown below.

Onedrive with CRMOl 14

Now that we’re all set up we can add documents, photos etc. into OneDrive for Business for the relevant record. I’ve shown this through the OneDrive for Business Website below:

Onedrive with CRMOl 15

Now if I go into CRM and look at a record that has both standard SharePoint documents and some OneDrive for Business documents, I can see them all in one view.

Onedrive with CRMOl 16

So, in summary, yet another easy to configure and easy to use improvement in CRM 2016 that further increases our productivity options!