With the recent release of CRM 2016, there is even more functionality and capabilities as standard. Here’s some of the most interesting points to note.

We’re going to follow these up with specific blogs over the next few weeks.

FieldOne Service and Scheduling module

With Microsoft’s acquisition of FieldOne in 2015, there is now got a really strong mobile service and scheduling capability in Dynamics CRM 2016. All the capabilities needed for Work Order scheduling is included together with an Automatic Routing Engine. There are even the capabilities for a limited stock management system – I like to think of it of supporting small warehouses and the ‘man-in-a-van’ stock management scenarios.

Improved Mobile capability

There a number of key improvements in the native CRM for phones and tablet apps. We now have the following:

  • Full ability to update records when offline with CRM 2016 Online
  • View SharePoint documents in CRM for phones and tablets as per the screenshot below

what's new in CRM 2016 1

  • We can no export data to Excel from CRM for phone and tablets
  • We can now email a link to a CRM record easily from our phones

All of these improved capabilities further enhance the productivity of Dynamics CRM

Single Click Word and Excel templates

We’ve finally got the functionality many of us have been asking for with an improved single mail merge capability.

what's new in CRM 2016 2

It is even easier to traverse the relationships to build the templates with XML mappings – a much improve capability. One word of note though, at this moment it doesn’t automatically save the record back to SharePoint, you still have to manually upload the merged document. (If anyone needs a single-click mail merge and full integration we do have a Document Creator that provides this functionality).

CRM On-premise has caught up with some CRM Online capabilities

With CRM 2016 On-premise, we now have the capabilities that were introduced with CRM 2015 Online SP1. The most significant ones being the ability to theme CRM, a much improved menu structure and, perhaps most importantly, the faster, improved form rendering engine.

Integration with OneDrive for Business

With 2016 and the improved SharePoint integration, we can now store and manage all types of documents with OneDrive for Business, directly from Dynamics CRM.

Integration with Delve

For those of you who haven’t heard of or used Delve, it’s worth a look. Delve is used to find documentation that are trending and being worked on. We’ve now got the capability to see this from CRM dashboards. We can see many scenarios where this will help information sharing in the CRM

Track email from anywhere with the new CRM App for Outlook

This lightweight app can be used in your standard desktop Outlook but also Outlook on the web (included with Office365) and from your phone. This makes tracking emails on the move even easier.