When it comes to CRM, we make Dynamics 365 work the way you do.

Dynamics 365 offers broad functionality for sales and customer service teams ‘out of the box’. But Microsoft designed Dynamics 365 to be a generic solution, and implemented ‘as is’ will deliver only modest benefits. We help to maximise return on investment by configuring Dynamics 365 to meet your specific objectives.

Exploiting the power of Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365 lies at the heart of the Microsoft technology stack: a suite of pre-integrated services and software which, harnessed together, deliver elevated CRM solutions and incredibly powerful business insights.
With expertise across the stack – the Microsoft Cloud, Dynamics 365, Power Apps, Portals, SharePoint and modern productivity and collaboration tools like Outlook and Teams – Esuasive delivers CRM solutions which work the way you do.

Customer Service

Streamline processes to deliver a seamless service to your customers. Build customer loyalty and improve customer retention.

Deliver a personalised service

Deliver the tailored service customers expect across multiple channels with AI-enabled experiences and insights to proactively resolve problems and ensure peace of mind.

Empower customer service teams

Give your customer-facing teams the tools to intelligently handle routine requests and resolve more complex issues at first point of contact

Unify technology

Simplify agent and customer experiences through one complete source of customer data using a single, extensible platform and common data model.


Go beyond sales force automation to better understand customer needs, engage more effectively and win more deals.

Enable smarter selling

Bring marketing, sales and customer service data together in one shared database and build 360-degree relationship with customers.

Empower your sales teams

Create a unified sales solution with LinkedIn Sales Navigator and Dynamics 365 Sales.

Boost sales productivity

Streamlining sales processes and integrate your CRM with familiar Microsoft Office tools.

Improve sales performance

Provide data-driven feedback to your sellers so they can make decisions based on real-time pipeline analytics.

Drive profitability

Identify successful engagement models and processes and embed best practice into your CRM.


Generate customer demand and create a seamless customer engagement experience with Dynamics 365 and Click Dimensions.

Create and nurture leads

Run targeted, multi-channel campaigns and personalise each prospect’s journey to generate sales-ready leads.

Align sales and marketing

Create a seamless customer experiences by sharing data and connecting marketing and sales processes.

Make informed decisions

Improve marketing performance with AI-driven insights, lead scoring, and custom dashboards.

Ensure compliance

Take advantage of Dynamics 365’s world class privacy features to comply with GDPR and broader data protection legislation.