Local Government

Residents and businesses want the same things from their local authority – easy access to services in person and online, a prompt reply to queries and requests, a joined-up response to resolve issues raised, and evidence that action is being taken. To support district, borough and city councils looking to streamline the way they interact online with local residents and businesses, Esuasive has developed Community Connections, a complete CRM and case management system powered by Dynamics 365 running in the Microsoft cloud.

Connecting with local communities

Community Connections consists of a service hub – a central, multi-channel hub which captures, in one place, all of the enquiries, complaints, ASB reports, homelessness applications and other requests for council services from residents and local businesses – accessed by individually customisable business applications supporting the various functions your teams deliver. Each Community Connections application meets a specific need or fulfils a specific function and is tuned to reflect local rules and policy, drive team activity, and provide performance insights across the organisation.


For residents and local businesses:

  • Raise service requests via online portal, 24/7
  • Report community issues via mobile phone, anytime, anywhere
  • See the current status of all in-flight service requests in one place
  • Own and maintain personal and contact details
  • Enable digital community engagement and participation

For your staff and internal teams:

  • Streamline and automate business processes and workflows
  • Replace interim and legacy systems with one integrated platform

  • Get up and running quickly, starting with the basics, then easily extend functionality with Dynamics 365 and Power Apps
  • Empower local teams to make better decisions by enabling secure access to a 360-degree view of resident/council interactions
  • Exploit a single source of data to drive service improvement