You want a vibrant membership community. Your members want efficient service and a way to engage, share and learn.

All membership organisations seek to engage, serve and activate their membership base. We help you achieve these objectives by broadening the ways you can communicate with members; by simplifying your internal processes, enabling self-service across a broad range of member services; and by delivering powerful insights into member activity (and inactivity) so you can drive engagement and deliver increased value.

Engaging your membership community

Esuasive Membership is a single system, with a single database, running in the Microsoft Cloud for scalability and performance. The system includes configurable membership and subscription management processes, a built-in self-service portal, plus a range of additional pre-built, adaptable components supporting marketing, member surveys, events management, continuing professional development, funding, grants and awards, and many other processes.

for Professional Bodies

Esuasive Membership for Professional and Awarding Bodies is designed to meet the needs of organisations in healthcare, construction, professional services and other sectors responsible for regulation and oversight, professional development, certification, and monitoring of compliance with statutory obligations and best practice.

for Regulators

Esuasive Membership for Regulatory Bodies focuses on the requirements of central and local government departments, government agencies, statutory bodies, ombudsmen and other organisations which implement regulation and monitor the activities of a particular constituency: public service bodies, financial entities, professional services firms, etc.

for Museums and Galleries

Esuasive’s Dynamics 365 for Museums and Galleries, developed in conjunction with the Museums Association, is pre-configured to support the wide-ranging requirements of museums, galleries and other arts and cultural organisations.

Esuasive Membership

Key Features and Functionality

Quickly and easily manage new membership applications. Create and process membership applications through a self-service sign-up portal on your website. Automate workflows to ensure new memberships are tracked and specific milestones are achieved.
Manage subscriptions to newsletters, journals, member services and premium content. Automate subscription renewal processes and generate reminders to drive revenue income.
Ensure enquiries from the web, phone, email, etc. are recorded, tracked and assigned to the right staff member or department for progression and resolution. Enquiries can be resolved or passed on to other departments, if needed, with a full history of member interactions.
Reach out to your members through multi-channel marketing campaigns. Easily create campaigns to inform members about their subscription, upsell new products or publicise events. Build long term relationships that are personalised, proactive and predictive across marketing and sales. Create marketing activity reports to understand how new members are finding you and how successfully you are converting enquiries to memberships, renewing lapsed subscriptions, etc.
Promote, track and record member engagement with professional development programmes. Support members through their career development via formal recognition of membership grades, attainment and qualifications. Develop and publish learning paths and enable members to record progression on the CPD portal.
Manage grants, awards, bursaries and sponsorships at the individual or organisational level. Link awards to attainment. Record and report on drawdown.
Create a secure library of digital assets, including documents, images, audio and video. Enable free, ‘freemium’ or premium paid access to digital assets through your web site or via the self-service portal. Protect rights holders. Provide members with powerful search capability. Set pinned content and sponsored links.
Track leads and manage advertising and other sales opportunities through predefined opportunity management processes. Provide online pricing. Manage prices, discounts, placement and other tiered advertiser benefits.
Manage payments, part payments, refunds and credit notes for membership, subscriptions, events, professional development and listings. Create and manage product, service, training and event catalogues, and add price lists and related discounts across membership grades and types. Allow payment by credit card or debit card, against invoice, or via monthly, quarterly or annual direct debit payments.
Incorporating Microsoft’s industry-standard Azure B2C identity management software, Esuasive’s membership solutions are reliably secure.
Automate membership processes from application to termination. Process renewals, progression, suspensions and terminations using automated workflows to mirror your current membership subscription and renewal cycles. The bulk renewal tool enables you to initiate renewal marketing campaigns to drive member engagement.
Get a 360-degree view of your membership with a full history of each member’s interaction with your organisation. All contact history, including emails, telephone conversations, social interactions and meetings, is captured and stored in the system to provide a complete picture of each member.
Enable your members to self-manage all aspects of their own memberships via a built-in web portal. Members can update personal information, communication preferences and renew their membership online, including making debit/credit card payments, paying invoices and setting up direct debits.
Integrated within the solution is a powerful event management tool which enables you to manage events such as AGMs, conferences, seminars and training courses. Market your events and conferences to members, manage marketing lists, book accommodation and venues, manage budgets, communicate with delegates and pull together reports for attendance, badges etc.
Record individual exam passes and module assessments. Assign and manage moderator and examiner workloads. Track individual certifications and link certifications to organisation accreditations. Record competencies, fitness to practice and other information for audit and compliance.
Capture and store key information about sponsors, patrons, donors and other supporters. Record details of gifts, donations and bequests. Ensure key contributors are recognised. Organise and manage volunteering activities.
In an increasingly connected world, engagement with members and prospective members can happen anytime and anywhere. Microsoft Social Engagement puts powerful social tools into the hands of your sales, marketing and membership services teams, to help them gain insight into how people view your organisation and proactively connect on social media with members and key influencers.
Allow member organisations to upload searchable job listings. Allow suppliers and partners to upload information on ancillary services provided to your members, for display in print, on your web site and on job portals.
Esuasive’s Membership solutions are fully integrated with Microsoft Azure, Office 365, and SharePoint. Pre-built integrations with ClickDimensions or Dotmailer are also available. Esuasive Membership can be integrated with your current web site and existing finance and other systems through open APIs for seamless connectivity.
Esuasive’s membership solutions are powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365 online.
Integrated within the solution is a powerful event management tool which enables you to manage events such as AGMs, conferences, seminars and training courses. Market your events and conferences to members, manage marketing lists, book accommodation and venues, manage budgets, communicate with delegates and pull together reports for attendance, badges etc.