Social housing tenants expect and deserve exemplary customer service. Esuasive helps housing association and local authority landlords achieve this by providing a complete, customisable housing solution running in the Microsoft cloud. Our solution, Esuasive Housing, lets social housing providers capture every customer interaction, schedule and track every repair, maintain property assets, ensure compliance, process rents and service charges and manage arrears, all in one, integrated, modular system.

Putting the customer at the centre

Esuasive Housing comprises a suite of pre-configured housing modules that leverage the power of the Microsoft cloud: Dynamics 365, Power Apps, Power BI, Portals, Office 365 and the Microsoft Dataverse. Because every module accesses the same shared data store, Esuasive Housing makes it possible for social housing providers to connect teams, streamline business processes, transition to a customer self-service model and generate meaningful insights from data across the organisation.

Esuasive Housing

Key Features

  • Pre-defined business processes flows guide users and embed best practice, reducing case backlog

  • A shared data repository streamlines cross-function business processes, saving staff time and eliminating transcription errors

  • Automation of routine tasks allows staff to focus on more complex cases

  • Specific processes for ASBs, Arrears and other sensitive case types guide users to take the right actions at the right time, ensuring tenants safety and wellbeing and ensuring compliance with policy

  • Visual indicators for risks protect neighbourhoods teams and housing officers

  • Contact centre omnichannel capability delivers a single view of the customer, ensuring all interactions are captured regardless of means of communication

  • Multi-channel customer communication supports letter, email, text and social media

  • Configurable customer portal enables a progressive transition to a self-service model

  • Powerful scheduling capability drives DLO and contractor activity, improving customer response times and optimising costs

  • Open API enables direct integration with repairs contractor systems

  • Configurable contractor portal allows smaller contractors to pick up jobs and report progress

  • Personal dashboards and task queues help staff manage high workloads and prioritise actions

  • Team dashboards provide real time performance data, enabling team leaders to optimise resources

  • Interlinked customer, property, repairs, tenancy and rents and service charges data allows authorised users to access information relevant to their role

  • Chrome/Edge interface and device-aware mobile app deliver a familiar Microsoft-style user experience across desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile

  • Comprehensive security model ensures data is protected and available only to authorised users