Your tenants and leaseholders expect efficient, responsive, joined-up customer service. Esuasive has the solution: Dynamics 365 for Housing.

All housing providers face similar challenges – prioritising cases, responding to complaints, dealing with antisocial behaviour, combating tenancy fraud, handling arrears cases efficiently but with sensitivity and maintaining customer satisfaction whilst delivering cost efficiencies.

Putting the customer at the centre

Esuasive Housing, powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365, enables you to process, capture and record every customer interaction across every channel in one system with a single common data model, making it possible to streamline processes, embed best practice into your operating model, move towards a self-service model and generate meaningful insights across the broad range of sales, customer, tenancy, property, compliance, repairs and arrears data.

Dynamics 365 for Housing

Esuasive’s Dynamics 365 for Housing:
Key Features and Functionality

  • Links Customers, Tenants, Tenancies and Properties within one fully integrated database.
  • Streamlines case management, including activities, interventions, related cases and documentation, with escalations, performance targets and auditing.
  • Supports team and individual queues for tasks, cases and other activities, to make sure everyone in your team knows what they should be tackling next and has all of the information required to complete that task at their fingertips.
  • Incorporates configurable workflows to support all of the key social housing functions and processes, including voids & lettings, transfers & mutual exchanges, complaints and local policies, etc.
  • Captures customer interactions at source, and makes information available directly to customer service, housing managers, neighbourhoods teams and others.
  • Holds a variety of indicators for risks and vulnerabilities to help protect your customers and staff.
  • Seamlessly connects with neighbourhood teams, repairs contractors and other mobile workers.
  • Fully supports multi-channel customer communication, by letter, email and social media.
  • Includes built in, customisable dashboards and reporting.
  • Is fully integrated with Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Office.
  • Works with Microsoft SharePoint or other document management solutions.
  • Is easy to use, with the familiar, intuitive Microsoft Windows interface.
  • Is fully integrated with Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft SharePoint, Power BI and Microsoft Office.
  • Works with Microsoft SharePoint and other document management solutions.

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